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What makes chop plentii the best African fooddelivery platform?

There is something special about African cuisine that would it a popular choice among people. Weather you talk about the aroma of the herbs or the flour of the spices blended with the freshness of ingredients African cuisine can bring be a mouth – watering surprise for anyone. And when it comes to African food options in East Bay Area, the Chop Plentti is without a doubt is the best Delivery platform in the Bay.

Africa Restaurant in Oakland

If you love African food, then is the perfect place for you. This African restaurant in Oakland has got some of the best food in town.

Started as a dream project by Baba Afolabi, Chop Plentti   promises to bring the most authentic African flavor right within your platter to leave your taste buds always craving for more. In words of Mr. Afolabi himself, Chop Plentti is created with a philosophy, “Eat enough African food to have a good and easy life!”

The name signifies the culture of Africa. Chop plentti is a pidgin terminology derived from English language spoken by people in various cities. Eat + Plenty = Chop Plentti – that’s how the name was formulated. So, basically Chop Plentti means eating plenty of African food so that you can have a good and happy life. Quite simple, yet impressive philosophy behind the food chain isn’t so? Ask any of the natives, and you will get to know that’s just a way of living in Africa.

Chop Plentti was created to make sure that African food deserve its status in the food market because Baba Afolabi thought that it is always under – represented . Starting a food chain meant that people would actually get to know more about African cuisine. The best part is that this African restaurant in Oakland offers authentic African food delivered right at your doorstep. You can select from a variety plans that encompass

  • Single plan
  • Couple plan

Family plan